Sylvan Esso

I first heard the track “Coffee” on the Song Exploder Podcast. I was hooked on them instantly.

Their sound reminds me of The Postal Service in a way. Maybe it’s the mix of live instruments, interesting engineering of random sounds and driving synths. The bass and drum tracks are great. The lyrics have a dark overtone to them and Amelia’s voice is a unique oneā€”both of which blend beautiful with the electronic sounds.

They are a relatively new American indie pop duo, debuting in 2014. But they’re already making waves. Check out their Tiny Desk Concert, which is also pretty interesting, seeing them perform live.

If you haven’t heard any of their music before, regardless of whether you like folk pop/indie pop/electro folk or not, Sylvan Esso is worth a listen. It’s one of the few albums I’ve found so far this year that I’ve been playing on repeat.

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