The Creative Process

I find it incredibly interesting learning how others move from raw idea to something really beautiful.

Sketches compared to final deliverable

Here is a glimpse into my creative process — two projects I worked on from conception to production for a a service that provides patients and caregivers with information, support and tools to improve their communications with their healthcare providers called CareCoach.

The first project required creating a footer that was simple in design, modern-looking and offered flexibility for future growth/additions. After some research — always one of the first steps in my creative process in which I digest as much of other people’s work as possible — I hand drafted some designs. Below that first sketch is where we ended up with our initial production release.

The second project required creating a dynamic widget that would cycle through facts pulled from a database. This design was a bit more challenging than the footer. Number one, it is hard to find widgets that others have created in a Google search, let alone documentation on best practices. Two, making dynamic data responsive. I’m not completely satisfied with where we ended up at time of production, however, we did make it a long way from the original idea in very little time and it was a great team effort.

I love the experience of seeing a project through from conception to production; the chance to work with others working through their own creative process in their own respect; the reward of your idea getting to see the light of day.

I’m curious how many others still put the pen to paper as a first step in their creative process.

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