let love (in

let love (in
constant) be

collapse, if you
on me, then here

—problems and probables—

that a century's
let of advances

can't tame, or
explain (you

and I) but entangle, perhaps
(and with a whimper)

the sitcom, friends
the loudest bangs

we never saw (coming
of the nauseous fill

) in the space between
the in and certainty
👋 Hi, I'm Chase
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I work at Verilogue, a medical marketing research company, as part of a rock star development team.

I enjoy writing about web design, and throughout this site share my experience as a front end developer working at the intersection of Big Data and Big Pharma.

In my spare time I like to compose music, which I link to from the playground along with all of my other side projects. I also spend a lot of time reading, mostly about web design and user experience with the occasional book on string theory or building time machines. Beyond that, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and playing World of Warcraft, where I main a Fire Mage named Wildford.

I grew up in Harrisburg, PA and graduated from Temple University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a minor in Sociology.

To learn more about me, check out my resume or let's talk on X.