Chase Woodford

/ designer / developer

Highly motivated and experienced software engineer with a passion for developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Experienced in full-stack and mobile application development, graphic design, and audio/visual composition.

Verilogue / employment
Developer, Application Development
Jan 2012 — Present
  • Lead UI/UX design and front-end development of all web, desktop and mobile applications, including: and physician mobile app; and patient mobile app (retired);, a client-facing content management system;, an automated workflow service; and sales training iPad and desktop applications
  • Assist in architectural development and maintenance of SQL databases and Amazon Web Services
  • Produce promotional content for both internal and external marketing efforts, including: audio/video teasers; Marketo e-mail campaigns; microsites and landing pages; and social media outlets
Manager, Field Services
Jul 2006 — Jan 2012
  • Manage transcription/translation team of 12 company vendors and ~150 individuals
  • Ensure accuracy and HIPAA compliance of a database containing 110,000+ interactions, spanning 12 international markets, 138 disease states and various multimedia formats
  • Meet requirements and deadlines for projects sold to over 150 brand teams, including all top 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Manage annual throughput from low of 1,975 healthcare interactions per year (2007) to high of 16,080 (2009), a 714% increase in capacity
  • Reduce transcript processing turn-around time from high of 41 days (2007) to low of 3 days (2015), a 92.7% improvement in efficiency
  • Negotiate cost of transcription down from $1.80/audio minute to $0.40/audio minute, a 78% reduction in cost per interaction
  • Effect yearly company-wide cost-savings of ~$455,000 (~$24K on management, ~$431K on production)
Proficiencies / skills
  • AWS*, Bootstrap, CSS, Git, Hibernate*, HTML, Java/JEE*, JavaScript, jQuery, MVC, npm, PHP, React*, Ruby*, Sass, Spring*, SQL*, SVN, Swift*, Thymeleaf, webpack
  • WordPress, Joomla!
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, Balsamiq
  • Sony Creative Software
  • Agile with Scrum, JIRA, Asana
  • Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, SharePoint
  • Marketo, HubSpot*
Temple Univ. / education
  • BA advertising, sociology minor, 2007
  • Member, Temple Student Government
  • Brother, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
  • Available upon request
* Denotes working proficiency
đź‘‹ Hi, I'm Chase
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I work at Verilogue, a medical marketing research company, as part of a rock star development team.

I enjoy writing about web design, and throughout this site share my experience as a front end developer working at the intersection of Big Data and Big Pharma.

In my spare time I like to compose music, which I link to from the playground along with all of my other side projects. I also spend a lot of time reading, mostly about web design and user experience with the occasional book on string theory or building time machines. Beyond that, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and playing World of Warcraft, where I main a Fire Mage named Wildford.

I grew up in Harrisburg, PA and graduated from Temple University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a minor in Sociology.

To learn more about me, check out my resume or let's talk on X.